Pesquisa e Inovação - Artigos científicos publicados (2023-2026)

Artigos científicos publicados como resultados de Pesquisas em Botânica


Anatomia Vegetal

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Botânica Aplicada

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1 Diversidade de frutos e sementes em fitofisionomias de Cerrado e suas implicações para a conservação na Serra Dourada, Goiás, Brasil Edson Ferreira Duarte Sitientibus série Ciências Biológicas 2023
2 Experimental insecticide applications change tomato pollinator assemblages and do not increase fruit production Edivani Villaron Franceschinelli Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment 2023
3 Toxic plants from the perspective of a “Quilombola” community in the Cerrado region of Brazil Heleno Dias Ferreira Toxicon 2023
4 Expedição ao Sítio Histórico e Patrimônio Cultural Kalunga: um Relato de Experiência

Heleno Dias Ferreira

Vera Lúcia Gomes Klein

HALAC 2023
5 Análise temporal do exame nacional do ensino médio revela lacunas na abordagem do conhecimento botânico

Jascieli Carla Bortolini

Letícia de Almeida Gonçalves

Renê Gonçalves da Silva Carneiro

6 Evidence of post-formed structures during systemic Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens pv. flaccumfaciens infection in resistant Phaseolus vulgaris genotypes Letícia de Almeida Gonçalves Colloquium Agrariae 2023



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1 Taxonomic study and local environmental conditions of occurrence of Chlorophyceae (Chlorophyta) from subtropical lotic environments, Paraná, Brazil Jascieli Carla Bortolini Biota Neotropica 2023
2 Functional and taxonomic diversities are better early indicators of eutrophication than composition of freshwater phytoplankton Jascieli Carla Bortolini Hydrobiologia 2023
3 Emerging contaminants in the aquatic environment: phytoplankton structure in the presence of sulfamethoxazole and diclofenac Jascieli Carla Bortolini Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2023


Fisiologia Vegetal

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1 Phenological dynamics of four populations of Handroanthus spongiosus in seasonally dry tropical forest in Brazil

Edson Ferreira Duarte

Flora 2023
2 The effect of visible light on the postharvest life of tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Francis Júlio Fagundes Lopes Horticulturae 2023
3 Plants detect and respond to sounds Hyrandir Cabral de Melo Planta 2023
4 Physiological and yield responses of contrasting upland rice genotypes towards induced drought

Jascieli Carla Bortolini

Moemy Gomes de Moraes

Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants 2023
5 Silicon and bioagents pretreatments synergistically improve upland rice performance during water stress Moemy Gomes de Moraes Plant Stress 2023
6 Trends and gaps in tomato grafting literature: a systematic approach Moemy Gomes de Moraes Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 2023


Morfologia e Sistemática Vegetal

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1 Pollen morphology of heterostylous species in Piriqueta Aubl. (Passifloraceae s.l.) Ana Carolina Mezzonato Pires Plant Systematics and Evolution 2023
2 Passiflora acreana, a new species of Passiflora subgenus Passiflora (Passifloraceae sensu stricto) from Acre, Brazil Ana Carolina Mezzonato Pires Phytotaxa 2023
3 Request for a binding decision on whether Sabbata Vell. (Asteraceae) and Sabatia Adans. (Gentianaceae) are sufficiently alike to be confused Aristônio Magalhães Teles Taxon 2023
4 Typifications and three new synonymies in Evolvulus L. (Convolvulaceae-Cressae) Marcos José da Silva Phytotaxa 2023
5 Croton restingae sp. nov. (Euphorbiaceae), a new species of section Adenophylli from the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and its phylogenetic relationships Marcos José da Silva European Journal of Taxonomy 2023
6 Erythroxylum confertifolium, a new species from Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, Goiás, Brazil, unveiled by morphology and leaf anatomy Marcos José da Silva Phytotaxa 2023
7 Trichomes in the megadiverse genus Croton(Euphorbiaceae): a revised classification, identification parameters and standardized terminology Marcos José da Silva Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 2023
8 Phyllanthus capixaba (Phyllanthaceae), A New Species Endemic to Brazil Supported by Macromorphological and Palynological Evidence Marcos José da Silva Systematic Botany 2023
9 Anatomy and histochemistry of the vegetative system of Brachystele guayanensis (Lindl.) Schltr. (Orchidaceae), a potential medicinal species Marcos José da Silva Plants 2023
10 Anatomical and macromorphological data support a new species of Phyllanthus (Phyllanthaceae) from Southeastern Brazil Marcos José da Silva Phytotaxa 2023